Saturday, July 28, 2012

The choices we make...

Coming from a traditional Iyer Brahmin set thing that always was and will be of prime importance to anyone and everyone in our family is EDUCATION! I remember as child, numbers always meant everything. 95% was never there was always someone in the family who scored a .5% more. If ever asked, "what would you do when you grow up?" it was almost like a programmed response..."doctor or engineer". Don't think our horizons ever expanded beyond that....yes it could probably go to the extent of saying..."Will do it from IIT"

However today, I see a huge transition in the way students are making their choices for careers. It is very heartening to hear someone tell me "I am planning to take up pure sciences and pursue my badminton"....or "I am going to get into actuarial sciences"... That's wow for me. We have started to think beyond our normal paradigms.

As a kid, though I was never forced to really study....I always did well. Took up science...though I was never asked to. Did dentistry...when my father (who is responsible for everything that I am today) tells me to take up a career in music...I guess I wasn't all that rebellious to go against the norms my family overall..the peers around etc. I was not willing to risk a career! But today...I am into marketing in dentistry....feel really proud of the transition I made and enjoying it. Perhaps not something I imagined when I started off, but with the influence of a lot of well wishers I am!

So every time someone comes upto me and asks me what career I should pursue..all I say what you feel you can do for the rest of your lives. However even if you realize the choice you made was wrong...the world doesn't end will always find ways to reach where you want to.

One of my cousins today is at the National Institute of Design (a little credit goes to me for pushing him to get there) and I spoke to him a couple of days back. Felt so happy that he is actually doing something different, off the routine and enjoying it! What more can we ask for. Another dentist called me yesterday saying she plans to do an MBA like me and get into business. And yet another crazy engineer doing his masters says he wants to pursue Occult sciences. I am really beginning to enjoy the fact that people are thinking radically different from what they were earlier taught to think.

Some of you may not agree to my crazy interpretations...and say that it's too much of instability if you can't decide on what you want to do quickly and keep letting go till you reach where you want to be. But comm'on...does that even matter when at the end of the day all we care about is a bed to sleep on and some bread to break ;)!

Once again I quote John Lennon..." You may say I am dreamer...but I am not the only one..."


  1. Nice ... A typical story for any Indian ... We want to be someone else and we strive to be something else. As a child we are brain stormed with many of those "if/what if's" statements. "What if you don't do well in sports", "if you don't study your friends will laugh at you" and I can go on but I think we get the point here.

    At a later stage, people realize that is not about success and failure, its the process of chasing your dreams. Doesn't matter if you can't make it but every step in chasing your dreams gives you more satisfaction that being someone else. Its a lesson to be learnt and taught, chase your dream, they may take longer but they do come true. It took 28 years for a genius like Sachin Tendulkar to achieve his dreams so dont give up.

    Kudos to Ramya for bringing it up ... cheers

  2. Thanks.

    I guess life just directs you to what is meant to be what's best for it's not all that tough a choice to make after all ;)