Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Music- the healer to my soul

Music is one such thing that has always impacted my life dramatically. I have songs or simply instruments I associate with each mood or situation. And somehow, like magic, they just work and get me back on track to face the world.

Today, while lying in bed- "my so-called bed rest after the broken rib injury",I have been listening to some of the songs really close to my heart, different genres, different kinds....but each seem to just outdo the other to elevate my mood.

Times have been tough for me emotionally, and I have been finding reasons to avoid certain things in my life. For those who know me really well, this change has been hard hitting. My enthusiasm to do something absolutely crazy, living my dreams and imaginations, going all way out to just get the silliest things trademarks..seem to have been kinda lost. And today, as I sat here, listening to the lovely music, I realized and am very happy....its all still there..just in hibernation. I almost had a mind to go down and literally "play" in the rain, like I used to....but thanks to my condition, it needs to be postponed :).

" Jeevan kya hai, chalta firta, ek khilona ankhon mein, ek se hasna, ek se Rona hai..." Today's inspiration for me! More to come soon. :)

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