Thursday, July 26, 2012

Indifference or Hatred- what's more dreadful?

Just wondering...

We always learnt as a child in our language lessons...Hatred is the opposite of love

But is that really true? I have a different take on this.

Hatred cannot be the opposite of Love. It just means there did exist love which has now changed paths. I feel the real opposite of love is indifference, where you don't care a damn for the other person or what happens to him/her. That surely is more hurtful or rather dreadful than someone who hates you.

If someone hates you, it still means there are feelings...and that you are in still in their thoughts and perhaps someday those thoughts change path and come back to the path of love.

However, if the only feelings they have are those of indifference towards you, surely your existence doesn't really matter to them. You are simply no longer in their lives.

And that's the irony of human little time on this earth to live...yet the multitude of such complicated feelings...

But in the end, I know...."Love will keep us alive":)


  1. yup sweetie indifference is dreadful.... But in my opinion it sure helps you move on with life.. and after a point of time you stop trying to work on patching things up. Hatred on the other hand brings feelings of wrong doing and guilt.Well, thats just my take on it!

  2. Historically, languages were designed to communicate and express oneself but they were not designed to express emotions. Our facial expressions, body language give away the feelings and not the words that come out.Let's take an eg: Ouch !!! means something fell of your hand, it also mean cramps, it also mean you are hurt so which one emotion describes the real meaning of Ouch??

    Humans were given this incredible ability to not be satisfied, we want more in everything and so in relations. Hatred and indifference don't mean anything unless you add your inner feelings to it and it is different for different people.

    You did a great job in redefining those words but as I said they are feelings and even in this era we can define them in words.

  3. Surely language acts as an enabler for communication. However it's more the power of speech and expression that allows for language to be used effectively. Here I am talking more of feelings and not merely words.

    Perhaps you had a different way of interpreting my words...