Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why are We this way?

Its been a real long time that I got an opportunity to pen down my thoughts. But something has been in my mind and has been bothering me for quite some time and felt that time has come that I figure out if there any others who think like I do?

I wrote a research paper last year saying why Indians are unique and why Indian businesses need to be viewed differently from the rest of the world. I wrote in that paper, that we Indians are born innovative; and we need to capitalise on this and get ahead in the global marketplace. I have always been so proud of being an Indian.

But today, looking at the state of affairs, I really doubt if we have any potential to get there! I am not talking of Indian politics; thats a different story to write on all together. And governments come and governments go. What remain are the citizens...but what if these citizens themselves don't care for themselves? What is a government or a politician going to do anyway? We say many a times during the day...Arre yaar, yeh aise hi hota hai...chod do? Do we ever react to any situation with the intention to solve it? We all have issues with many things in our suroundings...but we just move on with them.

Something that has really been disturbing me over the past few months has been the habit of people spitting on road. TB, Swine Flu...or whatever name it and it spreads through saliva. We all know it. But everynow and then I see people on the road happily spitting. I usually stop these people, fight with them as to why they lack this civic sense. Some say sorry and some even retailate saying yeh jagah aapki hai kya? I can't really expresss my frustration and disgust at such times. People chew paan. well educated ones too; and not only harm themselves but also harm others by spitting. Why do we lack this basic sense? Do other countries who boast of cleanliness and hygiene have aliens residing there? They too are humans; how do they manage not to do so? In fact, its a sad picture to see that the Indian government had to impose punishment for spitting; however who follows it? I have seen policemen do the same. Forget spitting, even urinating at public places!

Can't we learn to respect human lives? Can we not realise that a developed nation is not one which merely shows a growth in GDP? We can't even follow rules and laws. I really feel helpless at times that I have no role to play to improve this nation. But from my heart, I wish I do find a set of like minded people, who could help me do a small part atleast in making people of our nation a little more sensitive and sensible!!!